Life at Loblaw Digital

We work hard to create a culture of belonging, where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Growth is expected, hard work is recognized and achievements are celebrated.

Always growing, always learning

We want to see you reach your full potential — and keep going. Here, we build people up. And with manager support, we encourage you to own and embrace your learning and development journey.

Want to grow your leadership skills? We have a course for that. What about expanding knowledge of your craft? Chat with your manager about our tuition assistance program. Our goal is to get you where you want to go.

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Our core values

  • Further together

    We value those who put the team’s success ahead of individual wins. When we win, we win together.

  • Customer at the centre

    Putting ourselves in the customers shoes is fundamental to our success.

  • Powered by data

    We pair data with our customer-centric mindset to answer the “why?” of every decision.

  • Act like an owner

    We ask ourselves what we would do if it was our money, products or teams on the line.

  • Raise the bar

    We strive for excellence. Asking how we could do things better while challenging ourselves.

  • Ship often

    We iterate based on needs, and would take continuous improvement over perfection any day.

We stay connected and celebrate our wins

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Launch celebrations

It’s part of the culture at Loblaw Digital to ship often. It’s also a part of our culture to celebrate our wins. Any excuse for cake, right?


A full day of hacking. We work together in teams to bring an idea to life in a short amount of time. Some of our most innovative features have come from Hackday events.


Sharing is caring — that includes good ideas and great work. Roundup happens every Friday. Everyone takes off an hour early to come out and hear about all the cool projects their colleagues are working on.

LD Champions Cup

Everyone is assigned to a different house. Fun challenges encourage healthy, friendly competition. It’s our way of bringing the small team culture we loved from our early days to our growing family of colleagues.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Building belonging

We want to build a diverse, equitable organization by breaking down systemic barriers and demonstrating to our colleagues that their experiences are valued. We aim to represent and amplify underrepresented voices to create a more inclusive workplace, and are committed to driving change throughout our organization.

Creating a more inclusive Loblaw Digital


Holding ourselves accountable is key to our approach. We’re focusing on building a responsible reporting model so we can accurately report demographic data and colleague feedback. To support this, we’ve created a three-pillar committee made up of allyship, empathy and action teams.

Colleague training

In 2020 we partnered with Bloom to hold anti-racism training for all our colleagues, and plan to continue with further training this year focusing on power and privilege. We also have mandatory “Building a culture of inclusion” training for everyone.

Looking inwards

We’re aiming to increase transparency in our compensation and promotion process. It’s important to us that we cultivate talent and promote growth from within. Currently we’re running an internal mentorship program for colleagues who don’t identify as men called the “Grace Program.” We’re also working towards building out another program for underrepresented groups later this year.

Inclusive hiring and recruiting

We’re diversifying our recruitment process to attract talent from more underrepresented groups through partnerships with Global Skills Hub, Black Professionals in Tech network, Women Who Code, Equitek and TechLadies. We’re also working towards a more inclusive interview process, with diverse panels and updated job descriptions.

Communities and employee resource groups

We support and encourage our colleagues to engage with community Slack channels and employee resource groups, like Go Further Women, Proud to be Me, Embrace Your Roots, and Able, to promote safer spaces and foster community.

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Representation — our numbers

We’re committed to reflecting the diversity of our country. We collect self-identification data from our colleagues to understand representation, hold ourselves accountable and monitor our progress — particularly in senior leadership positions. These numbers are based on representation as of July 31, 2022.


This includes colleagues who are director level or higher.

identified as women
identified as racialized or visible minorities
identified as Black
identified as Indigenous

All of Loblaw Digital

This includes colleagues at all levels.

identify as women
identified as racialized or visible minorities
identified as Black
Identified as Indigenous

*Racial and gender diversity is based on voluntary disclosures and self-identification

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